Sunday, July 29, 2007

another weeks goes by

Another summer week has flown by. It's weird how fast they go when you aren't at school all day. We had a good day on Friday with a very quick trip up to Dallas to get my ring looked at. Steve bought my engagement ring in Dallas and we have to get it 'checked out' by the store every 6 months. That way in case something happens, like the diamond coming out - which has happened twice- they will replace it for no charge. Due to the setting it seems more fragile. Last time the diamond came out they redid the prongs which has made it stronger.

We have been doing some 'deep' cleaning of our house for the social worker visit on Tuesday. I hope she appreciates all our hard work :) :)

We had homegroup at our home tonight which was very nice. It is wonderful to get together with other couples and have some fellowship time. Tomorrow my sister closes on her house in Woodway, yeah Cheryl!
The bunny has had a relaxing weekend as well, of course every day for him is relaxing. He loves to lay on his blanket in the middle of our floor. Looks like he is pretty comfortable :)


gtown1 said...

Still funny you have a bunny as a 'inside' pet. BTW...are you still listening to HS Musical Soundtrack? I think I caught you 2 weeks ago bobbing out of McAlisters to crack me up! Love that about you! :) ejw

Reagan & Katie said...

How did the home study go yesterday!!??! Dying to know- love, K