Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bunny days of Summer

So you have heard of the "Dog days of Summer" well at my house we have the bunny days of summer. We are bunny sitting for my schools rabbit. This is the 2nd summer we have bunny-sat and have enjoyed it. Serenity is his name (long story behind that :) and he likes air conditioning and carrots. Here is a pic of his favorite thing, being scratched on the head. I used to think it was silly for people to go nuts over their pets but I have a better understanding of it now. This is Steve's only chance to have a pet since I won't let him get a dog. Serenity likes to hang out in the bathroom on the cool tile, luckily this summer he has done less damage to our carpet.
We have been busy with adoption paperwork. We got a criminal background checks today, thank goodness we came out in the clear :) We also found out our 1st home study with our social worker is going to be Tuesday. Between now and then we have to clean out the room that will become the nursery, should be fun. I think we should be able to send our 1st packet to the Chinese gov't by the end of next week. We still have to have physicals which is loads of fun. I always say I am going to lose weight before going to the dr. again, guess I don't have time this time around :)

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gtown1 said...

You really need a dog...they are the best! :)