Sunday, July 15, 2007

back to waco

Our Vegas vacation was very relaxing and fun. We didn't win any money so it's a good thing we didn't go just for that reason. Steve and I had the discussion of the difference between a Trip and a Vacation. A trip is one where I have planned each day and what we are going to do. There is a certain destination and reason for the visit. Also on a trip there are lots of pics taken, for instance our trip to London. A vacation is manly for relaxation. No major plans and not as many pics. Just hanging out and enjoying being where we are. So Vegas was a vacation! We stayed at the Flamingo hotel b/c of its amazing pool. We were at the pool at least 3 hours each day. Considering temps about 110 each day we stayed cool by the water and under the palm trees. The first pic is a view of the great pool area at Flamingo. We did fit in some show time. We saw 2 Cirque shows - LOVE and KA. Both were really interesting. KA was finally a Cirque show with a story that I could follow. We also saw Momma Mia which was hilarious!! I don't know many ABBA songs but still laughed a lot and enjoyed the show.

While in Vegas we also found out some good news, Steve passed his 2nd Actuary test!!! We are excited about the possibilities that this brings. We don't know what those are right now but Steve is anxious to find out.

Now it is time to get going on the house. We have roofers coming on Tuesday to redo our roof. We are also getting bids on some work that has to be done in our bathroom and kitchen due to a water leak. Guess the vacation is definitely over :)

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gtown1 said...

Looks amazing! Glad ya'll had a good time. We've missed ya'll at homegroup. ejw