Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A new bunny

Well I had to take Serenity back to school. He was getting very comfortable with our house but all good things must end. I hated putting him back into his little hutch but my principal is trying to come up with a new home for him in the school garden. At least he gets to be inside until it gets cooler outside. Serenity now lives in the science room (which now smells like him :)

Since we were having bunny withdrawls we found a new one. Well, maybe he found us. Steve has noticed a few rabbits hopping around our backyard. More and more we see them on our porch taking advantage of the shade. I guess they like our house because there are no other animals to fear. I read on the internet to not feed them and try to domestic the wild rabbits so I guess we will enjoy them from a far. He is a cutie though isn't he!

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