Sunday, June 29, 2008

LID #5~5 pictures

Today is our 5th month of waiting for Emily. It has seemed to go by quickly but sometimes the thought of waiting another 30 months is a bit daunting. Oh well, I can't make time go by quicker but I can stay busy which makes the time fly. So here are some pics of how I am staying busy...
My 32nd birthday was great! Thanks for all the cards and
well wishes. 32 looks to be a great year!

Steve surprised me with tickets to see Hairspray in Dallas.
It was a great show and a wonderful night!

Karen and I 'helped' out at Zoobilee. We ended up having to leave early
but it was fun while we were there.This is a new feature in our house. Steve has done something to his hip/leg. He is on some pretty strong pain meds and is seeing a physical therapist (Rich-my brother in law). They will probably do an MRI this week to help figure out what is wrong.

Last night we celebrated Andrew's, my nephew, 11th birthday. I can't believe he is 11, wow! We had fun celebrating yet another birthday :)

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