Monday, November 24, 2008


Okay I'll admit it, I'm totally Twilight obsessed. I feel I'm much more mature than those screaming teen girls out there but there is a little bit of me that wanted to do a little screaming at the movie and leading up to it (okay I did some screaming but held most of it in). I tend to get wrapped up in books/movies more easily than I should. I mean I've watch Pride and Prejudice way, way too much and now can quote most of it with Cheryl. With Twilight I was able to bring others along for the journey which helped keep me a bit more grounded. Once I read all the books in the series I forced Karen to read them. I was so happy when her obsessive gene kicked in and she spread the word to others. On Friday night (yes, I waited till Friday although I really, really wanted to go to the midnight showing on Thursday) 8 other Twifans and Steve (he supports my obsession :) went to the movie with me. One of Karen's friends from her new school even bought us vampire teeth. We had tons of fun even though we were clearly part of the older crowd.
The verdict on the movie: so not as good as the book. Of course, I was expecting that. After reading and then watching Harry Potter I understand that the literary work is almost always so, so much better. Maybe it's the power of using your own imagination that makes it better. Oh well, I did like the movie and ended up seeing it again yesterday afternoon. I did my share to help it make over $70 million for the weekend!

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Crystal said...

Yay for Twilight! It was good, though I agree not as good as the book. Really, though, what movie ever is? :) Gotta say, Edward's quite a looker in the movie. ;)