Monday, November 17, 2008

Question... Lasik

For awhile now my eye doctor has been encouraging me to get Lasik performed. I have allergies and a continuous infection on my eye lids which makes wearing contacts hard. Up till now I have been very wary of having the procedure done but recently I decided now was the time. So here my questions... have you had Lasik done? What are the pros/cons about it? Who did the surgery?
I have an consultation appointment for the place in Waco that does it on Thursday and am anxious to here more about it. Till then I will be researching and trying to psych myself up for this!


Jenny said...

Cindy- my dad had it done in Waco 4years ago with Dr. Schiller (out near region 12 service center)and was/ has been pleased with it. My hubbby had it done here in Dallas with Dr. Boothe 8 years ago- no problems since.

Peter and Kate said...

Hi Cindy,
I had it done in 2001 (in Austn) and had no problems. Now that I've hit 40, my vision definitely isn't as clear. They warned me that I would still need reading glasses around 40. Unfortunately, it is true, but the 8ish years not needing contacts or glasses were great!