Thursday, February 26, 2009

Last minute deal

Spring break is right around the corner (8 days) and we just booked another trip. I know, I know... we were going to stay in town and catch up on things at the house. Well, sometimes when a deal comes up you HAVE to take it! So, we are headed back to Paris for the break. I say back because I have been twice, in '98 (a quick weekend) and '06 (for 8 hrs). I found a GREAT airline deal and just couldn't not take advantage of it!! Okay, I probably could not have but I didn't want to :) We are going to do a side trip to Nice/Monte Carlo as well. I am most excited about visiting my friend, Kerri, who lives in Paris while her husband is working there. We traveled together back in '98 while we student taught in London. I'm a bit stressed though. For our Italy trip I planned for months and sought out lots of information. With this trip it is so quick I don't have much planning time. That's okay though. We are going to go and have fun!!


The Blake Family said...

You know what...our best trip yet was our Australia/New Zealand trip and we had nothing booked except the airfare! It was so wonderful and ALL worked out great! Plus, you'll have Kerri and Anthony there to help...and they seem to have done a great deal of traveling in Paris!! Say "hi" to them for me!!

Amy said...

I'm so jealous!! I would love to hop a plane to Paris!