Thursday, February 12, 2009

Treat from School

Last week was National School Counselor Appreciation Week, did you know that? Not many people did and I was surprised that my principal found out (I'm hospitality chair so I'm in charge of all that fun stuff- what was I gonna do, tell her to celebrate me :). My school surprised me with a yummy Cookie Bouquet. It was a great treat to end a busy week. The spring at a Texas elementary school or any school is very busy. We are 12 days away from TAKS which has gotten everyone a little on edge. These are the days I am glad I was in school back in the day before all the testing.
My sister, Steve, Karen and I went to see He's just not that into you on Saturday. It was a good romantic comedy (my favs) so that was a plus. The real fun though was sitting next to Cheryl and telling the characters what to do and how stupid they were being. I'm sure Karen and Steve thought we were a bit crazy but that's okay!

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cayce said...

I am laughing at your comment about TAKS! Lately I find myself being SO thankful I am not a certified teacher and cannot administer the TAKS test - you know they would put me to work!! My Vegas trip is going to be a reward for spending ALL of Spring Break working on dissertation . . .