Friday, August 14, 2009

Continuing North

Our next stay was Yellowstone National Park. In a word, wondrous! We saw things we had never seen before and things that can be found no place else on earth, too cool. Yellowstone is a huge park and there are so many areas to check out. Each one with something special to see. Besides the geothermal sights there are a lot of animals roaming about.
We stayed close to the middle of the park so we could have good access. I'm so glad we stayed in the park! It wasn't a 5 star hotel (although they do have one) but it was fun to feel like your kinda in the wilderness with some comforts of home. Here are some highlights of the geothermal areas we saw. I'll do the animals in another post. BTW the pictures don't really do justice!
At the south entrance

Old Faithful Geyser


The Blake Family said...

These pictures bring back memories. Looks like we made the same trek and stops on my parents' move to Seattle when I came back to help them drive from TX to WA my Jr. year at Baylor. Glad you had a great time!

Edison said...

AMAZING! Now I want to go