Sunday, August 9, 2009

Snow Mountain Ranch

The first part of our vacation was with my family in Colorado. My parents treated us to a week in the Colorado mountains at the YMCA Family Camp~ Snow Mountain Ranch. The cool weather and mountain beauty was amazing!!! We participated in lots of fun activities including:
Basket Weaving Class
It was much harder than I ever imagined. We had a great instructor which made the hard work more fun.

Steve enjoyed the zip line. He said the hardest part was climbing up the pole. I chickened out but enjoyed watching those who were brave enough.

One of my favorite activities, Square Dancing! We had so much fun!!

Horseback Riding, Steve had a hungry horse!

Tree Top cabin where we lived for the week.

We loved our time in Colorado. Our last day we took a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park which was fabulous!! We saw lots of animals and enjoyed seeing snow in July. Although I was a little nervous about an outdoor vacation, it was so much fun!!


The Walkers said...

So neat! Never thought of family camp...

The Blake Family said...

Hmmm...maybe we'll consider a trip to Colorado after we move to Vegas. We'll be close then (well, we'll be closer to ANYTHING in the States then!!).

Pandabear12 said...

Question: I have two questions because I am visiting snow mountain ranch with my school team and I want to know 1. How much does it cost to rent a Lodge 2. Do you have to climb up the pole all by yourself without being connected to anything?