Monday, August 10, 2009

Next Stop: Jackson, WY

After a fun week with the family it was off to enjoy some new sights in Jackson, Wyoming. For us Jackson was the gateway to Yellowstone but I had some friends who went last summer and had a blast so we decided to spend some time in the town. It is such a cool little town with lots of art galleries, great shopping and beautiful sights. I'm sure during the winter with the snow and skiing it's lots of fun but we enjoyed summer with cooler temps and white water rafting!

This is one of the ski resorts that is very popular all year long. Even though I don't ski I'm sure it would be lots of fun in the snow.

There are 4 of these archways around town central.

A new adventure for us was whitewater rafting. We traveled 16 miles down the Snake River. We did a scenic float first which was great and we saw some beautiful sights. We then moved onto the exciting part, white water rafting. It was great fun but very, very COLD!

A fun treat was taking a covered wagon to a chuck wagon dinner. We met people from across the country and had great fun traveling through some more beautiful scenery.

The entertainment at the chuck wagon was lots of fun, cowboy serenade!

Grand Teton Mountains are outside Jackson on the way to Yellowstone. The mountains were beautiful and very majestic.

I'm so glad we were able to spend some time in Jackson! I encourage anyone who wants to get away for a few days to make the trip up that way. It was our favorite town to visit during our time away from home!

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Tiffany said...

Wyoming looks so beautiful! A good friend of mine is from there, and I'd really like to see it someday.