Friday, August 14, 2009

Yellowstone part II

The other side of Yellowstone is all about the animals. Animals are free to roam where they wish in the park and sometimes that was interesting. One reason I wanted a new camera was to be able to get some good shots of animals that weren't too close (I wanted to see a bear but didn't want to get too close). We were very lucky and we got to see most animals that we wanted minus the big horn sheep. We woke up at 5am one morning to see the animals at dawn (when their supposed to be more active) and it was productive in that we saw a grizzly bear and an elk but no sheep. We drove to the north entrance to see the sheep, no sheep. Oh well, we also saw some wolves but they were too fast to get pictures of them. Anyway, enjoy the animals of Yellowstone (and Colorado)!
A moose from Family Camp

Bald Eagle, from our float trip on the Snake River

Some kind of deer, on the side of the road in Wyoming

Pronghorn Antelope, Yellowstone

Can't remember this little guy's name but he was too cute not to take a picture of him!

Mule Deer hanging out by the Snake River in Yellowstone

Chipmunk in Yellowstone

Canadian Geese in a geothermal area, guess they want it warm

An Elk at dawn

I took lots of pictures of bison since we saw them everywhere. Here they are at dusk roaming from one side of the highway to the other. There were lots of calves in this herd.

This is how close those big animals can get, it was a bit nerve racking!

I couldn't really tell what this little guy was but he stared at me a long time.

A young black bear, I was a little nervous wondering where his mama was and not wanting to get too close!
I loved seeing all the animals and getting to experience them in their natural habitat!

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The Blake Family said...

Well, if you want to see sheep...LOTS OF SHEEP...just come spend a few days in St. Andrews, Scotland or one of the surrounding islands or even Ireland! You will see so many sheep, it will start to seem normal! Great pictures of majestic creatures!!