Friday, December 21, 2012

Journey: another step complete!

Baby, it's Cold Outside (in Beijing, that is!)
What a busy but great week! The Christmas season is very fun and there seems to be something to do each night. It's been great to celebrate with concerts, together time with friends, and fun time with family! We managed to complete one more step for the adoption this week too!
Part of the I-800A process is getting our Biometrics (fingerprints) done. We get an appointment date from USCIS and have to go to Fort Worth for them to be processed at a USCIS center. We got our appointment date in the mail and it was for January 2nd- the day we return from California. I had read on a message board that some people had been able to do an early walk-in appointment so we decided to try it.
On Wednesday morning we drove up to Fort Worth. We were at the USCIS office a little after 9 a.m. We let the officer know that we would be out of town for our appointment date and we wanted to get our fingerprints done early. They were so NICE! We filled out some forms, got our prints done, and were back home in time for me to finish the day at school.

So what now? Now the USCIS Hague Unit has to go through our application and approve us for our adoption. Then we fill out the I-800 application which is the formal application for David specifically. Our agency told us that the I-800A applications were taking about 50 days to be approved so hopefully by mid January we'll be onto the next step!! I'm hoping the time will fly by and spring will be here soon!!

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Cindy said...

Dear Cindy and Steve,
It is Christmas morning here in Vermont and we read with joy your news about David. The story of his journey to Texas will be repeated again and again as he will want to hear it over and over as he grows up. He is a lucky boy to have such wonderful parents. We are certain that he will want to learn to ski in Vermont...
Cindy, Dave, Eric, Matt and Heather