Sunday, December 2, 2012

Journey: to 16 Months!

 My son is 16 months old today!! I love saying "my son"!! For so long we were prepared to have one child and that child would be a little girl from China. God works in amazing ways though and 16 months ago a little boy was born over 7,000 miles away and God knew he would be our son!! Several people have asked "what about Emily (the name we already have picked out for our little girl)?" We are planning on adopting again! We have to wait though, per different regulations we cannot adopt within a year of bringing David home. We can start the paperwork though and since we know what a process it is, we will start it early! Right now David has a "sister" at his foster home and he loves her very much! We will more than likely adopt via the Waiting Child program again!
The picture for today was from Christmas 2011 when David played Jesus at New Day. Incidentally, I played Mary at some point growing up :) New Day incorporates many holidays! If you haven't checked out their blog, please do!! The pictures from their Thanksgiving feast are precious!!

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