Sunday, December 2, 2012

Journey: to new Friends!

The first picture of David with a buddy from New Day!
6 Months Old
I love New Friends!!
We're still in awe of the news we got this week about David and where he is right now! I've been up late several nights reading blogs, emailing new friends, and searching for more pictures of our little guy.
At New Day each child is sponsored by several people. The sponsorship is used for:
*    Food and Clothing
  • Basic Medical Supplies
  • Childcare Supplies
  • Adoption Paperwork Preparation
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Staff and Caregiver’s Salaries*
  • Facility Maintenance Costs

  • As a sponsor you choose which child you want to sponsor from their website. The children have multiple sponsors and those children without sponsor receive the same high care as those fully sponsored. The family that sponsors the child receives an email update on their child each month, including a photo! We will definitely be sponsoring a child at New Day!!


    David~ 14 Months
    David is fully sponsored and I've now "met" two of his sponsors who are now my new friends. It is so awesome to have people share our JOY about David, especially those that have known him for a year. Thanks to the amazing power of the internet, two of David's sponsors found my email address and contacted me. They let me know how much they've been praying for David. They told me how much they love him and how happy they are that he is being adopted into a Christian home. It was also stated repeatedly that New Day is an amazing place. Since they have been sponsors for David since he's been at New Day they have updates for him from each month. I was overjoyed when Emmy sent me all the updates (including pictures). Reading about how he's grown each month as been incredible! As we've prepared for our adoption it has made me sad that I wouldn't have many pictures of him as a baby, well I can cross that sadness off my list :) I am now on the update email list so I'll get those from now on- though hopefully I won't have to get to many as we'll have him with us soon!!
    I've also been in contact with the director at New Day. She's been so helpful with questions that I've had about some things including how to get David our care package :) She's been so kind and I look forward to meeting her soon. When we travel our first stop will be Beijing and we are already planning some time to visit New Day.
    I took our care package to FedEx to mail and it was going to cost $195 to mail, $195!!!! So, I didn't mail it and asked Karen what was the best way to get a package to David. She said USPS was the best way. Good news is that it is about 1/10 the FedEx cost to mail his package via USPS :) I hope he will get his first one by Christmas!! If you check out New Day's blog they have a picture of all the packages they've been getting for Christmas- love it!!

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