Wednesday, August 1, 2007

so far... so good

This week has been great! Many things have just fallen into place and I thank God for it all. We had our home study yesterday which went very well. Our social worker was very nice and I got a sense that she was excited for us which made me feel great. It was wonderful to tell her that we have great support from friends and family about the adoption. Everyone we have told is excited for us, we thank you for that :)

Another amazing thing was that Steve was given some good news about the new year at Baylor. There were some decisions we had to make and we feel affirmed by God with what we needed to do. More good things... we got an estimate on our bathroom that has to be redone and it was within our budget, another blessing. They should start work next week. And to top it off my sister sold her house inSan Antonio, the day after they closed on the one in Waco. I included a pic of my niece and nephews at their new home. I celebrated today by giving into my vice of getting pedicures. I love having pretty toes in the summer :)

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gtown1 said...

Well heck...invite me next time you go get a pedicure please!!! Geez! :) ejw