Monday, August 27, 2007

1st Mailer Sent

YEAH!!! Our 1st packet was sent to GWCA today. I was so excited that our doctor office was able to finish up their part of the paperwork. My goal was to have the 1st mailer in by the time school started and since the students begin tomorrow I have met my goal. A funny thing happened as we were mailing the packet and taking pics (of course we took pics!), we saw my good friend Cari as she was leaving work. She called and we laughed about taking pictures of the important things like this and mailing her wedding invitations. Guys just don't get it :)
Our Mailer 2 is due in another 2 months but I really hope to have it turned in earlier. Our homestudy should be finish this week as well so that can be mailed in as well.
Good Luck to all those educators out there on your first week of school. I hope your year is successful and fun!


Edison said...

WAHOO - I made the blog!!!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on getting that step done! I love that you took pictures of mailing it off. Happy first day of school!!!

cayce said...

this is so funny, it looks so much like when cari mailed her invitations!!

gtown1 said...

I love this picture--b/c it speaks 1,000+ words...some that can be said and some that can only be felt and seen with the heart. A definite keeper for your baby book. Congratulations friends! love, ejw