Sunday, August 12, 2007

Back from the beach...

We are back from a fun trip to the Texas coast. This is the 4th year my parents have taken my sister's family and us for a beach trip. We stay in Corpus Christi and head out to Port Aransas to the beach each morning.
We went down to San Antonio on Wednesday night. It was Cheryl's last day at USAA and our last time to be in their SA home. I will definitely miss our visits to San Antonio, it is such a wonderful town. We headed out to Corpus on Thursday morning. After stopping by the hotel we headed out to the beach. We were very lucky with the weather. It was nice and sunny with a breeze all four days.
I like going to Port Aransas because you can drive on the beach. We set up camp for the day out of the back of my parent's minivan and our car. We have shade and seats as well as plenty of play things for the water. My nephews and niece all really enjoy swimming and playing on the beach. My mom is always prepared with plenty of sun screen, snacks, and cool drinks.
This year we went on a dolphin watching tour. It was great to see wild dolphins in the bay. As many of you know, dolphins are my favorite animal. The boat ride was a good break from the beach and gave our sun kissed skin some time to cool off. We spent two more days at the beach and then headed home today. We made it back to Waco in about 4 1/2 hours and were reminded how close we really are to the coast. It might be a lot for a day trip but still something to consider.
The sad part is I am officially back to work tomorrow for the 2007-2008 school year. I have three days of workshops and then will be working at my school starting on Thursday. The students don't start back till the 28th so I have some time to plan out my year. Steve has to move back into his office at BU as they have been renovating his building all spring.
As for our adoption... we have our final home study meeting tomorrow night with our social worker. We both have to have physicals this week as well. I think we will be sending our packet into Great Wall by Friday. It is a very exciting step in our adoption journey.

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