Thursday, August 16, 2007

homestudy finished, I think :)

Our last home study visit was on Monday night. It went really well and our social worker said everything looked great. She has to wait on our medical exams and then will write the final report to be given to the officials in China. I wonder how my home study's those officials have to review, yikes! My parent's new international student (they are her welcome family for BU) is from China and her aunt works for the China adoption office. Maybe she will read ours. Thanks for all the calls and emails asking how it went!! We are hoping to resolve some issues with our employment letters soon and then the packet will be ready. Who knew getting a letter about your employment could be so hard. Let's just say the government (US or China, I don't know) is VERY specific on what is included and how it is worded. Not everyone understands the importance and I think the HR secretary for my district wishes I would bug someone else. The picture is of my precious niece her first day in America. That will be us with our own daughter in a few years :)

On the home front... our bathroom remodeling is pretty much finished. The new shower surround was put in and it looks great. They replaced the drywall which will have to be painted. We are going to be redoing the walls once things settle down a bit. There is wallpaper now which will be gone. I haven't really liked it since we moved in. Every summer we work on a new room, makes things a little slow but I have a hard time with change :) My sister is officially a Wacoan. The moving van unloaded their things yesterday. Now comes the fun job of unpacking.

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Jennifer said...

I'm so glad everything went well with the home study! I miss not seeing you at Bible Study every week; I'm ready for it to start up again! Have a great rest of the week!