Thursday, January 31, 2008

Where's my Ugly Betty?!?

Okay so the writers strike is now starting to bug me. I don't watch many tv shows every week but I do like a few. One of my favs is Ugly Betty. I think it is too cute and so, so funny. Now with the strike I am left hanging. I went to check out the guide on my dvr and no new show, Lost is on instead. I know lots of people like Lost but really is it as good as Ugly Betty? (no hate mail please :) As for the writer's I do think something needs to be worked out, they should get paid for what they do but come on... I want my show back! Just think this is the first week with no new show, what will it be like when I go a month or more :) Guess it gives me time for blogging :)

Can't believe it is the last day of January. Scary how fast 2008 is already moving. January was a great month with lots of fun with friends and family. Last weekend we caught up on basketball with three games. We made it to my nephew, Andrew's, game and then went to both BU games. They were fun and I am looking forward to many more this weekend. Luckly the BU vs. UT game is on TV, GO BEARS!!!

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Brooke Hogue said...

I completely agree about Ugly Betty...I am sad that it wasn't on tonight. In fact I thought it was recording it tonight and now that I know it didn't I am sad. :( Hopefully the writers strike ends soon!!