Thursday, January 24, 2008

27 dresses Cindy style

Okay, so I haven't been in nearly 27 weddings (just 6 as a bridesmaid and 6 in the house party) but I loved, loved the movie so much I thought it would be fun to remember the ones I have been a part of. Let me say first of all that I LOVE weddings and to get to be a part of someone special day is awesome. Maybe that is why I am a wedding day coordinator for some friends. I can't wait to help the bride on her special day. I can also say that the weddings I have been in as a bridesmaid have been lots of fun. The dresses were never over the top (if you see the movie you will understand) just fun Texas weddings. When I had the idea to blog about this I had to go through lots and lots of pictures. I have spent the past few days going down memory lane and what a great time it was. I am so thankful that my mom is so organized with all her pictures that finding some were easier than others.

My first wedding that I was in, my sister's. I love the pink :) :)
I am so lucky to have Cheryl living so close by now!

I looked and looked for a picture with Stephanie with no luck!
I did shorted this dress and wear again :) Stephanie has
three busy boys that keep her on the move.

Kerri and I toured
Europe together back in '98.
She has a little boy and twin girls now :)

My big sis in Tri Delta, Jill, and Robin. Jill is mom to 2 boys and
is expecting her third!

Andrea lives in Waco which is wonderful. She is mom
to precious Lindsay (see Dec. post).

Jennie and I work together and get to see one another
every day, how fun is that!
I decided to include my own fabulous day! I think everyone looks
great, my fav color! Aren't they glad I wasn't in my
pink phase yet :)

Hope you enjoy the pictures. If you get a chance go see 27 Dresses it is too cute, especially if you like romantic comedies and weddings.


Stephanie said...

What a fun post! I want to see that movie but probably won't get around to seeing it until it's available to rent.

Andrea said...

Great idea and what fun memories for you!! I always have such a good time reading your come up with the best stuff!