Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Perks

So as a BU professor or staff one of the perks is getting into basketball games for free. That is a great perk especially when you have a ranked team to go see (womens #8). The sad part is we just haven't taken advantage of this perk very much. Last year we only went to one men's game. So yesterday we took advantage. What fun it was. It was the Big 12 opener against Iowa State. The men won!! We were very excited. I like basketball so much better than football. 2 hours, I can handle that much better than a football game that usually last more than 4 hours, yuck. Don't even get me started on baseball :) Anyway, that game was great and we are hoping to get to more games this year. Go Baylor Bears!!!

There are perks and then there are not so good things as well. This year Steve and I don't have the same spring break. I know I shouldn't complain as most working people don't get a week off in the middle of March to begin with but I will. Baylor set their spring break and then my district (in all it's wisdom) set ours for a week after to get max teaching days before TAKS. Goodness!! Last year during spring break we went to London a few years ago we went to Vegas. So we try to make the most of our spring breaks. Anyway, this year we will be traveling on our own. Steve and his brother are going to take a quick break somewhere and me and some school friends are planning a cruise. So you can see we are still try to take advantage of our time off :) Too bad we won't be traveling together.

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