Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

We just returned home from a great trip to Dallas and Amarillo. It was a wonderful start to the New Year! Here are a few pics...
Me and Amy celebrating her first child at her baby shower in Dallas. She now lives in Valdosta, GA so it was great to see her while she was visiting Texas.
We had a great dinner with Freddy while in Dallas. Freddy and I lived in the same apartment complex while I was in grad school and he was doing his undergrad. We spent lots of fun times together!! It was great to remember our 'porch talks'.
Theses are some yummy cupcakes Freddy gave me. Cupcakes seem to be the "in" thing this year and these were yummy!

Okay, random pic for the new year... A "Safety Rest Area" on 287 on our way to Amarillo. I like to see our tax money go to something good like this. Very clean facilities and wi-fi inside. There is even a big playground for the those poor kids who have been couped in a car for too many hours.At the New Year celebration; Steve, his dad, and his sister. It was great to be with his family to begin the new year!

With our traditional bottle of sparkling grape juice. I LOVE it!
Us with Matt and Bev (Steve's nephew). They are always wonderful host of the New Year's Eve party. I love hanging out with them and their precious kids while we are in Amarillo.

We stayed with Mickey and Kirby while in Amarillo. It was great to see them and get to spend time with them!!

We are off for a quick trip to Chicago tomorrow. Looks like no snow while we are there but I am sure it will be very cold. We are excited to visit a city both Steve and I haven't really experienced!

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