Saturday, April 27, 2013

Journey: hello from China!!

Hello from China!!!
I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to blog... Figuring out how to use my iPad to blog, getting pictures uploaded and finding wifi plus chasing after a very active toddler haven't been very easy. The GREAT news is is that we have David and things are going very well!!! We are in Gunagzhou now and enjoying it very much. There are so many blog posts to write about our trip so far but those will have to come later. 
Today we went with the other 2 families in our agency group to do visa pictures and medical examinations for the American consulate. We are very happy and so blessed to report that the doctor didn't hear any heart murmur and he believes the hole in his heart has closed on its own-Praise The Lord!!!! We feel so blessed to have David in our lives!! He is a bundle of joy and full of smiles and laughter!!! 
Thank you so much for your prayers during our trip!!! We have felt them in so many ways.
I'll try to blog again later this week!!! 

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