Sunday, April 14, 2013

Journey: Travel Week!

This is THE week! The week we TRAVEL!!

3 more day, THREE!!! It is totally unbelievable that in 3 days we'll get on a plane to travel to China to meet and bring home our son!! It's very surreal right now and I'm not sure when it will feel real- maybe when we get on the first of 3 planes this Wednesday, maybe when we land in China, maybe we we see our son for the very first time in person. I've been planning this trip since 2007 and since October 3, 2012 I've been waiting to hold David in my arms. The past 6 1/2 months have sometimes gone by quickly and other times so darn slow. I have a feeling the plane ride might be painfully slow :)
My feeling are all of the place nowadays... one minute I'm so excited I can hardly stand it and then the next I am anxious about traveling, David's adjustment, becoming a mom for the first time- Oh My! I've had to start taking something to help me sleep because the past couple of weeks I haven't been getting much! It is crazy to think about how much our lives are going to change in the next few weeks, finally! God is Great and has provided for us in so many ways, from amazing support from our family and friends to financial provisions to make the trip. His ways are perfect and His timing of our family is as it should be- awesome!
This weekend is being filled with adoption related work. Steve has been very busy grading exams that he gave on Thursday and Friday. He is also giving the yard one last mow before we leave. All of our adoption and travel paperwork is in a file ready to go. David's car seat is in the car and I'm taking it to get inspected tomorrow. His stroller is put together and the suitcases are ready to be filled. The next three days will be busy with last minute prep including laundry, cleaning around the house, work and finalizing work related projects, and of course- packing! I'll update the blog with our itinerary before we leave and I hope to blog while we're away!
One last look at David's room- ready for a little boy!!

Some of what has to be packed... fun times!

baby gate upstairs


Amy said...

I get teary-eyed almost every time I read your blog these days. I'm just beyond excited for what God is doing in your family right now. We may never know why it took so long, other than because David was meant to be YOUR son. I'm so very happy for you, my friend! And I can't wait to read your blog from China - I'll just have to keep tissues handy!

Leanne said...

SO EXCITING! Alan and I will be praying for you while you are gone!

Cindy said...

Me, too! I know all will go well and you will have a wonderful trip to bring David home! Safe journey!