Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Family Time

This Saturday we were able to enjoy some great family time with the Davis' family. We headed up to McKinney to see Mickey and Kirby (Steve's sister and brother-in-law) and Eric and Jennifer (Mickey's son and wife). It is hard for me to call Eric my nephew since he is older than me, a twist in our family :) Elyssa kept us laughing with her fun energy. Oh to be 5 again! We also had the chance to visit with Jennifer's parents from Sweetwater as well. Her mom is a guidance counselor as well so we had lots to talk about.

It was great to see everyone again! The last time we were all together was at Eric and Jennifer's wedding this past June. They are both coaches in Frisco so you can imagine how busy their fall has been. We look forward to seeing Eric coach some bball games this spring. It was so fun to get to know Jennifer better. We had a great time talking and catching up on the world of education.

Since Mickey and Kirby live in Amarillo (about 7 hours from Waco) we try to see them at least a few times each year. The past two times have been in locations other than Amarillo which makes it easier for us to see them. We always spend New Year's with Steve's family which has been a wonderful Christmas treat and something that we look forward to doing again this year!!

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