Thursday, November 1, 2007

A happy halloween

I hope everyone had a fun evening with dressing up and eating candy. I didn't really get to do either but I did wear my orange pumpkin shirt to school. That was as close to dressing up as I could do. I was never very good at coming up with costumes. Guess I will have to work on that once we have kids to dress up!

Steve had to teach class, bummer. He was sad to miss handing out candy at the house. I was very glad that one family stopped by after he returned home from teaching. I think it made his night :) I loved seeing my nephews and niece in their cute costumes. This was the first year we have been in the same town for Halloween so it was fun to do some trick or treating with them. They had tons of fun and now have plenty of candy to last them till Christmas.

I spent some time working at church at the fall festival. It is chaotic but so much fun for the kids. There is always so much to do it just amazes me. I can't wait to take our child! I enjoyed sharing booth time with Kelly and her special family.


gtown1 said...

Ahhh! Hannah is precious! ejw
We'll hopefully be in the action next year--Walker was a little too 'new' this year :)

Kelly said...

I enjoyed working with you Cindy! I can't wait for you to have a sweet little pumpkin of your own to bring along!