Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy Homecoming

Well, this past weekend was filled with a fun Baylor Saturday. I have always enjoyed attending homecoming activities and am so glad to be in Waco where I can still participate. We missed out on the bonfire due to my allergies (thanks Waco :) My mom, sister and niece got up bright and early to attend the Tri Delta breakfast. It was fun to see so many familiar faces and I enjoyed catching up with friends. We then headed to see the parade and meet the boys. My parents international student, Faye, joined us and was amazed at everything. She had never seen anything like it so that was extra fun.

Steve's brother and nephew came up for the game. I skipped and went to my nephews peewee game (much more fun). The boys came home and were able to fix our wireless router which made me oh so happy. I love being able to play on the laptop anywhere in the house, thank goodness for technology and for Mike and Nathan!!!

We wrapped up the weekend with a great Sunday at church and a wonderful dinner with our home group. It helped me to get ready for a busy week at school. Only 10 more school days till Thanksgiving break, yea!!!

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