Sunday, November 25, 2007

Movie Time

Okay, so I love movies. Not as much as my cousin, Michael, who I expect to be a movie critic one day. He has his own system to rate them and everything. We usually head to the movies on Saturday afternoons (we have found that evening movie crowds tend to be inconsiderate of other movie patrons). Anyway, over the long holiday weekend I got to see two great movies. I don't usually promote movies but these two I really enjoyed and think most people will as well.

The first was Enchanted by Disney. I have always loved fairy tales so when you add Patrick Dempsey (hello Dr. McDreamy!) you can bet I will be there. It is a very "cute" movie. I loved Amy Adams as the princess, she does a great job with all the princess mannerisms. We laughed A LOT.

The second we saw was August Rush. This is one for those music lovers out there. The story is great and the music is superb. I have always enjoyed movie soundtracks and can't wait to get this one as well. The kid who plays the little boy is wonderful.

Along with going to see movies this week I also bought Hairspray which is a favorite from the summer. So, hope you had a great holiday weekend and if you get a chance check out these great family movies.

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I agree, we must get together while I'm in Texas. We'll be spending the majority of the time while Kerry is in Texas with his mom, but after that, our days should be pretty flexible.