Friday, December 28, 2007

Seeing Granddad

Today we trekked down to Bryan to visit with some more of my family. My Uncle Edward lives in Bryan which happens to be half way for us and my granddad, aunt and cousin. We were able to visit and catch up with the family. My granddad is 90 yrs. old. I feel so blessed to have him still with us and doing well. We celebrated his 90th birthday on Memorial Day weekend this past year with a party. It was great to see him with all of his kids (3 sons, 1 daughter), 4 of his grandkids, and 3 of his great-grandchildren. He has done many amazing things throughout his life and I love hearing his stories. It is always fun to catch up with family.

Of course a visit to College Station is not finished without a trip through AggieLand. My dad and nephew gave us a quick tour via car.

Tomorrow we head to Dallas and then onto Amarillo to see family up there. I know it will be a very fun few days!

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cayce said...

Disney was amazing - thanks so much for all the great info! I finally know my schedule for next week, so we will definitely get together. I'll email you so we can make a plan!