Wednesday, May 21, 2008

home sweet home

We have now owned our home over 5 years. Sounds like a long time to me. I remember when we bought our house, the excitement of signing the papers and feeling like a "grown-up". We had the house for about 2 months before we married so we did some minor renovations before either of us moved in. The floors were redone with new carpet and tile and we also painted the guest bath. I had some other things that I wanted to do and throughout the past 5 years we have completed little projects. 'Course now I want to sell it but that is another story...
The master bath has always been on my list of things to redo. Last fall with the water leak part of the bathroom was redone with a new tub and surround. Well after many months of talking about it we finally are getting the bathroom painted! I have never liked the wallpaper that was up. Imagine the picture with the flowers all over your wall, kinda 80s. I did like the colors though. Luckily we know someone who is very good with home stuff. We picked out a color, Aqua Smoke, sounds weird-who names these colors anyway?!? I included a pic of Zoran hard at work taping. Let's just say neither Steve nor I are inclined to paint and such, my philosophy is 'why do it yourself when you can pay someone else to do it for you' :) We are continuing with the sea theme (the guest bathroom is done in North Carolina lighthouses) with shells and some sea pics. I am way excited to get rid of the flowers, that's for sure! I will post after pics later.

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Stephanie said...

Looking forward to seeing the final product.