Thursday, May 29, 2008

LID #4

A special friend gave me this burp cloth for Mother's Day. How sweet is that!!! I was brought to tears seeing our daughter's name :)
Well, the fourth month of waiting is over. May was so busy the time flew by. It recently really hit me that I am going to be a mom. I was walking down the hall with a co-worker who asked me about our wait and how I was doing. I don't know why it hit me then but I was overcome with the most amazing feeling!!!! I AM GOING TO BE A MOM! Now, it may be many, many months from now and that is okay 'cause no matter how long it takes I will have a daughter, yeah!!!
PS-only 4 1/2 more days :)


Kelly said...

Yeah! That is so cute. I love the name Emily. I rejoice with you in your to be motherhood! You will have so many sweet years with your little girl! It will make all of the waiting worthwhile! I secretly hope you get more than one!

Amy said...

I wonder if other babies are loved this much so long before you meet them? Someday the most beautiful baby girl is going to be lucky to have such a great mom!

Jessica said...

You are so sweet! I am so happy for you and I know you'll be a WONDERFUL mommy!!