Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend in Review

We had a great weekend trip to Houston to celebrate my granddad's 91st birthday and Memorial day. We headed down on Saturday and enjoyed a wonderful lunch with my granddad and family. It is amazing to know that he is celebrating his 91st birthday and is still doing so well. He remembers more than I do about most events. We love to sit and listen to him tell amazing stories of growing up in such a different time than now. It was great to see my aunt, uncle and cousin as well!On Sunday the boys and me headed to see the Astros game. My nephews had never been to a professional baseball game so that made it extra special. It would have been perfect if only the Astros had won. Luckily for me (as hot natured as I am) they had the roof closed and the air on!
Kemah is a fun boardwalk just outside Houston. We hadn't been there in over 5 years and it has built up a lot. There were boardwalk games and rides as well as fun shops to look in. Kemah is owned by Landry's restaurant company so choosing something good for dinner was easy.
Monday was spent enjoying NASA Space Center. This was my 5th visit. The kids LOVE looking at all the neat exhibits and playing all the games. The only bad thing was as we were walking in I fell, not fun. I had talked so much about falling the last time we visited Kemah I think I set myself up :) In the picture my scrap doesn't look too bad but it hurt a lot, I am such a wimp!
The weekend was a great time with family! Now if I can just make it the last 6 1/2 days of school I will be doing okay. Funny to think Steve will start again before I even finish. The last few days of school for me are busy getting certificates printed and visiting with kids one last time before summer is here.


The Blake Family said...

Hang in there Cindy...not much longer now until you have a little break!! Have a great summer!

Jessica said...

sorry about the boo-boo...what a pitiful face!!! :)

Helen Ruth said...

HEY great blog!!

Sounds like you had a busy Memorial weekend!

How are things going with the adoption? Is the disaster in China affecting/slowing down the process?

PS) Alan says thanks for the B-day card!