Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friendly Stalking

This weekend was a grand celebration in Crawford, Texas. Jenna Bush got married at her dad's ranch right down the road from Waco. I've never been out to Crawford before but figured a wedding was the perfect excuse. My friend EJ and I decided to do a little "friendly stalking" of the wedding. We didn't get to see the bride but we had tons of fun :)

This is an angel monument that was all dressed up for the special occasion in downtown Crawford.

Here's a view of just a few of the tv vans that had set up shop on the main drag.This was about as close to Mr. President as I will probably ever get. Actually, he did speak at my BU undergrad graduation when he was Texas governor, I had forgotten.

The sights on the way out to the ranch.
The quintessential Texas barn.Doesn't look like anyone's getting past these guys.
Finally, what we've been waiting for... 5 charter buses carrying the wedding guest to the ranch. If we could have just figure out how to catch a ride we would have been set, oh well.Well, we didn't make it in to the wedding but that didn't stop us from having a whole lot of fun. Thanks EJ for the great time!
Luckily I have recovered from having the Flu this past week. I missed 3 1/2 days of work and when I went in finally on Friday my principal gave me a hug and said she missed me. That made me feel good and I made it though the day pretty well. I have taken all my meds and am hopefully all through with the flu!


Kate & Peter said...

Cindy -
I had a dream last night that I was sitting next to Jenna after her wedding. We weren't at the reception, but like at the airport or something. I was just talking to her like we were buds and talking about marriage. CRAZY!
Enjoy reading your blog.
-Kate Spence Hardin

cayce said...

I love this - if I had been home last weekend I would have been doing the exact same thing!!