Sunday, October 14, 2007

cooler please!

Fall is my favorite season. I love the crisp cool mornings and breezy afternoons. Although it is the middle of October, well almost the middle, I still haven't gotten the fall feeling. I have noticed leaves on the ground but they are green leaves, no pretty colors yet. Of course, in Waco we don't get a whole lot of changing colors but we usually get some. I guess I will have to continue to wait on the fall season to get here. I have put out my fall decorations in hope that the weather will figure things out!
It was wonderful last night to hear the rain and thunder. Although I am not a big fan of Thunderstorms what it brought with it was much needed. Looks like it is going to be in the 80s most of the week so that is a good sign that fall is on the way.

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