Tuesday, October 2, 2007

College Night

Last night I worked at H.O.T college fair. 15 years ago I attend as a junior in high school. It was funny to think about how much time has past since I was a student trying to decide what my future might hold and then working the same event. I remember going with Andrea and feeling so grown-up as we looked around at the different colleges. Who knew at that time the incredible college experience I would have at Baylor. At the time I had decided I would not be going to BU and instead wanted to spread my wings. God is amazing and taught me that I could spread my wings and learn a lot even being in Waco. I feel lucky to have Steve working at Baylor as it keeps my ties close. Steve's college colors day pic is now being featured on the BU athletics website www.baylorbears.com

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Edison said...

VERY Nice Steve!!!