Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fingerprints 101

Today was our day to get our fingerprints done. As part of the international adoption process they need our fingerprints, go figure. We had to go to Ft. Worth to the USCIS office. Here some things to know... Do Not take a cell phone. Due to me having mine, it was off what's the deal!?!, we got to wait a longer time. Also, there is no more ink to wash off. Everything is done with computers, not surprising I guess. It was cool to see the print come up on the screen. I was going to take pictures but with the no cell phone policy comes no camera. I figured since we were at a government agency I shouldn't push it!

One more thing to check off for the adoption, yea!!! Now we wait for the paperwork back from the gov't and then we can send everything off to our agency. We are picking out pictures to send in as well which is fun.


Forrest & Elizabeth Williams said...

Congratulations Cindy & Steve! You are on your way :) So happy for you...can't wait to see that precious baby...love, ejw, F, and Walker boy

Cammie said...

I am an SA friend of Cheryl's. She was such a great help with our adoption decisions! I know you know the long process, but you also know the fantastic benefits! Love that Hannah girl! Hang in there! Your beautiful daughter will be in your arms in God's timing!