Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A night of Magical Music

What a night! We celebrated the Christmas season with a concert with one of my favorite performers, Michael W. Smith. The concert was INCREDIBLE. There is nothing better than hearing his music played with a full orchestra with him plus his band.
The evening didn't start off too good though. I got home as early as possible from school so we could get to Dallas in time to enjoy a nice dinner. We started to get on I-35 and noticed a traffic backup. We stayed on the frontage road thinking we would get around the backup, no luck! There had been a really bad accident and I-35 was shut down about 2 miles from our house. So we sat in traffic for about 45 minutes not able to turn around and go another way, not fun. We finally made it to the other side of Waco about an hour after we had left. So much for leaving early!!
Since we didn't get to leave early I thought we missed out on having a nice dinner, I was wrong. We got to the Meyerson center early enough to enjoy their buffet. It was very, very nice and totally made up for having to sit in traffic back in Waco. As we were enjoying our dinner another patron came over to us and asked where are seats were and if they were "good". Since we had never been to this venue I had no idea how good they were or where they were (I knew I had paid a good price for them though). He said he had been called away unexpectedly and wanted to give us his BOX seats as a Christmas gift. Why'd he choose us? I don't know but God sure did make up for that traffic :) Anyway, now we had two extra tickets on hand. Steve took them down to the ticket center to see if they wanted them. As he was asking, two ladies said they would take them. The ladies offered to pay but we knew there was no way we would take payment since we had been blessed from another. The ladies were especially happy when they found out the concert was SOLD OUT!
As the concert started I was definitely enjoying our great seats. The concert hall was decorated beautifully. I have always loved hearing live music, especially at Christmas. Michael came out and performed songs from all three of his Christmas albums. If you haven't gotten his new one I would definitely suggest it for a great Christmas CD. He also had the Katina's and Melinda Doolittle (American Idol fame) to join him. He sang my fav song from his first album, Emmanuel and so many others from his current CD. Can you believe he is a grandfather, I nearly fell off my chair when he said that. I figured out that I first saw him in concert about 20 years ago when he was with Amy Grant on her Lead Me On tour. He still looks the same and has incredible music.
For such a slow start to the evening the night turned out GREAT. It was wonderful to celebrate the birth of Christ through amazing music.


Herndon Home said...

I am so incredibly jealous that you got to go to this concert. I had been telling Chris for weeks that I wanted to go to this concert. I am glad you had a good time. You need to hook up with us some time when you are in Dallas. Y'all seem to be here a lot.

Edison said...